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    The new Sherwood Brut Pro is a completely new designed second stage for better breathing performance, stability, and durability. The Burt Pro is the first Entry Level regulator with a pneumatically balanced 2nd stage. 

    • Pneumatically balanced 2nd stage - The pneumatically balanced regulator ensures you get the same amount of air delivery whether you are at 3,000 psi or 500 psi, improving the diving experience. 

    • Single valve tube construction - The single construction creates a precise channel for the valve to operate. 

    • Co-Molded mouthpiece - The large co-molded mouthpiece uses two different silicone compounds and colors to reduce jaw fatigue. 

    • Tee - shaped design reduces regulator profile when mounted on tank minimizing opportunity to make contact with the back of the head. 
    • Balanced- piston delivers ample air volume at stable intermediate pressure to the second stage over a wide range of supply pressures. 
    • Spring chamber is environmentally sealed to maintain cleanliness reducing the effects of corrosion and contamination. This contributes to uniform high performance as the regulator is used. 
    • Dry-sealed first stage uses no liquids or gels that can leak or add to service costs. 
    • Four LP ports and two HP ports for more options for ideal hose positioning. 

    Sherwood Brut

    SKU: SRB9150