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    Try Scuba
    sessions offered Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:00

    Not sure about the whole scuba diving thing? Our Try Scuba program is just what you are looking for. We offer a chance for you try scuba with an instructor in the pool. This is a free service we offer to anyone that may be thinking about scuba. This gives you the chance to try it before you buy it. It only takes about 45 minutes of your time. Call to schedule your try scuba experience.  903-216-1811

    To Register for the Scuba Diver Class click on the Button Below

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    NAUI Scuba Diver
    this covers all costs of the class including the use of our gear through training.
    the only additional fees are the park entry fees or any other expenses incurred completing the open water checkout.
    Our Scuba diver program is a two week program.
    Classroom sessions are held at our shop on E fifth street, depending. the classroom sessions are on consecutive  Monday evenings from 6:00-9:00
    The pool sessions are held at the indoor pool at East Texas Aquatics. These sessions are on consecutive Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:00
    At the completion of the classroom sessions as well as the pool sessions, students are required to complete their open water checkout dives in order to earn their certification. During the warm months, we complete checkout dives The Scuba Ranch at Clear Springs Scuba Park, located outside Terrell TX. During the colder months we complete our Checkout dives at the Comal River in New Braunfels TX. We can also do referrels for check out dives to be completed at locations you might be traveling to.


    Scuba Steve's has been in Tyler since 2003

    We are here to provide East Texas with the most comprehensive  scuba training available. Our goal is for all of our students to achieve a level of proficiency that will allow them to be safe and have fun.

     We're in the business of showing you things you've never seen before... Your first time underwater, new animals, new adventures, new locations, and new challenges.  No matter what your experience level is, we'll take you further and that's our commitment to you as our dive buddy.We encourage our dive community to dive with us every chance they get. Join us on check out weekends or any other time we are in the water.we dive just about every weekend.

     Not only should you have fun but it is always a good idea to learn more as you dive more. Our flexible schedule is full of courses that meet every divers needs     

    We do something a little different here at Scuba Steve's. When you sign up for your Scuba Class we do not require you to buy the personal gear before you start the class. Here’s the way we look at it. You don’t buy a car without a test drive, why should you have to buy your Mask, Fins, Snorkel and Boots before you know what is going to be the best fit for you. There’s not just one mask for everyone. Sure we can fit the mask in the shop but it is not the same as putting it in the water and giving it a real test, the same goes for fins. Not all fins are the same. Some will be easier on the legs, others will produce more power and even more that fall in between. We want you to be educated on the equipment and satisfied with your gear purchase. We give you the option to try many masks and fins while you are taking classes from us. When you make your choice on the gear you will know it is right for you. We have some of the best personal gear packages in East Texas. Our prices are very competitive.

    NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver
    $200.00 - if you have your own gear
    $250- if you use our gear during training
    You must provide a Dive Light, Compass and slate for the training


    This is an enjoyable certification course for 12-year-old (or older) certified divers who desire additional training, have moved from one diving area to another and desire local orientation, do not have, but wish to obtain, NAUI certification, or who desire orientation to a variety of diving sites and conditions.

    As part of your certification, you will complete a minimum of six open water dives including three separate dives for navigation, night or low visibility diving and deep diving (130 feet/40 meters maximum depth), plus three different dives. Some of the many different dives you can do include:
    Search and recovery, Boat Diving, Light salvage, Hunting and collecting, Exploration and underwater mapping, Wreck diving (non-penetration), Observation and data collection, Diving in surf and currents, Altitude diving, Salt water diving (in areas where most diving is in fresh water), Fresh water diving (in areas where most diving is in salt water), Shore diving, Diving  for photos or video, Using dive computers


    $99.00  - when added to the NAUI Scuba Diver or NAUI advanced Scuba Diver Class

    Want to extend your bottom time, lessen your surface interval, and maximize every dive? Become an Enriched Air Nitrox diver!

    You will learn how to choose the proper blend of Nitrox for your dive profile, determine maximum depth limits for your Nitrox mixture, analyze your breathing mixture, and plan and safely execute each dive. Your instructor will teach you about the physiology of oxygen and nitrogen; advantages, disadvantages, and risks of nitrox; oxygen toxicity; hazards and precautions of handling oxygen; the concept of Equivalent Air Depth; use of EANx with standard Air Dive Tables; common gas mixing procedures; and more.


    Rescue  Diver & DEMP Training

    Once you are 15 years of age and a certified scuba diver, you can expand your diving knowledge with a Scuba Rescue Diver course. Learn how to manage risks and effectively handle limited in-water problems and diving emergencies, how to assist and transport divers, and how to perform surface rescues and rescues from depth involving both boat and shore based skin and scuba divers.

    CPR and First Aid certifications are required to complete this course. WE are now the only instructors in our area authorized to teach the NEW NAUI/DAN first aid classes. When you take the rescue course you will also take the NAUI/DAN DEMP ( Diving Emergency Management provider ). this is a two day class that covers  first aid, CPR AED, o2 admin, neurological assessment and first aid for hazardous marine life injuries. Your Scuba Rescue Diver training moves you on your pathway to becoming a NAUI Leader: Skin Diving Instructor, Assistant Instructor, Dive master, or Instructor.

    Master Diver

    Gain the in-depth knowledge that will establish you as a recognized authority in your diving club or group. Hone your diving skills to the level of a professional NAUI Leader. Thrill to the adventure of open water dives in settings that will test your abilities to their limit while enhancing and expanding your diving capabilities. Then proudly wear the most coveted and respected patch in recreational diving - that of the NAUI Master Scuba Diver.

    Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are considered competent to engage in open water diving activities without supervision, provided the diving activities and the areas dived approximate those of training.

    Required Dives

    Emergency procedures and rescue, Deep/simulated decompression diving, Limited visibility or night diving, underwater navigation, search and recovery light salvage