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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a good swimmer to learn to Scuba Dive?

While you do not have to an expert swimmer, you should be proficient with basic swimming strokes and be very comfortable in the water. You will be required to swim 50 yards, tread water for 10 minutes and swim underwater. If you are the least bit concerned, give us a call to chat before you sign up for class. 

Is it normal to be nervous learning how to Scuba Dive?

It is totally normal to have some apprehension when learning how to Scuba Dive! You should also be very excited to learn to dive as well. The excitement must outweigh the apprehension or nervousness!

YOU CANNOT LEARN TO DIVE SCARED! You will learn to do somethings that at first might be very difficult and you must be able to work through these things with MENTAL CONTROL 

One way to alleviate this concern is to sign up for a TRY SCUBA before you sign up for class. There is a small fee for the class which is a one on one experience, just to make sure you are EXCITED to learn to dive

What is the COST of the Class?

The cost of the class is $399,00,  This includes the use of our gear all of the way through training. We do not require you to purchase anything during your training. The only additional fee is $20.00 per person per day to enter the dive park for your checkout dives on the second weekend.  Should you decide you want to purchase your personal gear ( mask, snorkel, boots and fins), we do offer a special student package price. 

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