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    Christine Menard , Owner , NAUI Dive Master
    Stephen Gary Peacock , NAUI Instructor, NAUI Instructor Trainer

     In June of 2017 we opened the Third version of Scuba Steve's in Tyler Tx. We are both long time staff members of Scuba Steve's Aquatic Adventures, With Christine working as a NAUI Dive master, and myself since 2007 Working as a NAUI Dive master and then in 2009 as a NAUI Instructor. We are excite to write a new chapter in the Scuba Steve's story which started back in 2003. While there is now way to Fill the shoes of the previous owners and dive professionals which provided scuba training to thousands of East Texans, Christine and I are totally committed to providing the SAFE, QUALITY scuba training Scuba Steve's has become known for since its beginning.